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Therapy with effect!

Our evidence-based physiotherapy is an innovative and highly effective therapy method that helps to restore and maintain your mobility. Thanks to our careful examination and individual care, we can offer you a treatment that will help you to face everyday challenges.

Let's start your treatment together now and make an appointment today. We help you to restore your functions and maintain your mobility.

Alternative Therapie

Diet that suits you!

Discover your optimal well-being and start your journey to a more vital, healthier life. Join us on this exciting path and discover a diet and lifestyle tailored to you. With our in-depth and individual advice, you can effectively tackle digestive problems, regeneration problems, lack of vitality, allergies and joint problems and bring your life to a new level of health and performance.


Take the decisive step and secure your consultation appointment today! Use our extensive and scientifically based knowledge and let us walk together on your path to an energetic, healthy life. We can't wait to welcome you!


And the best thing about it: The costs of our consultation could be partially or even fully covered by your health insurance. For a detailed estimate that shows you how you can be reimbursed for your nutritional advice, simply click on the button below. Take the first step towards a healthy and vital life. Your body will thank you!

Traditionelles mexikanisches Essen

Training for your success!

If you are fed up with not reaching your goals, our modern and effective training concept is just right for you. Our qualified staff of trainers and physiotherapists will look after you professionally and support you in achieving your personal goals.

Use our membership for our medical device training and personal training to give your training sessions quality.


Benefit from our range of rehabilitation sports courses, group training, children's courses and much more. Let our experts advise you and book an appointment today. Find out how you can achieve your goals with our innovative training concept and feel good all over again. Contact us and experience the difference!


Benefit from a free consultation and start your new, fitter life now.



Satisfied employees

Company health management by Physio Elite.

Take the next step towards more health and satisfaction in your company. Our team of experts will provide you with competent support. Take the unique opportunity to use the prevention offers of our experts to your advantage and make an appointment today. Experience the appreciation and resilience of your employees through professional workplace health management and a comprehensive range of preventive measures.

We look forward to your call.

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